Rambus is a solutions provider of mobile payments, offering banks and enterprises lifecycle management software to issue and manage credentials on mobile NFC devices. This can be either on the device, in a physical secure element, or in the cloud, using Host Card Emulation (HCE). Rambus’s latest offering, Bell ID® Token Service Provider, combines the functionality of a Trusted Service Manager and cloud-based mobile payments with a comprehensive (EMVCo) tokenization platform that has already been tested and deployed in the market as a proven solution.

Rambus was founded in 1993, initially providing smart card management solutions for identity and EMV chip & PIN cards. Since 2007, the company has been providing mobile payments solutions and has built up a wealth of experience in this field from implementations worldwide.

From its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Rambus employs one of the largest global teams of technical experts exclusively dedicated to developing chip lifecycle management solutions. The company’s solutions meet the demanding requirements of international standardization bodies such as EMV, FIPS201 and GlobalPlatform in the identification, payments, mobile telecommunications and transit markets.

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