Saxo Payments Banking Circle



Saxo Payments Banking Circle

Banking Circle – the network for global commerce

Bank on the Banking Circle for faster, lower cost, global banking
Banking Circle is a global scale financial utility, underpinning the service propositions of a wide spectrum of businesses that facilitate cross border payments for the digital market.  From tier two and three banks to digital payments businesses, Banking Circle allows financial institutions to focus on the customer relationship.

Banking Circle offers an alternative to the correspondent banking model to give financial institutions a genuine added value for their customers.

By becoming a member of Banking Circle, digital payments businesses and tier two and three banks can offer banking services to their customers to help them to trade globally, at low cost and efficiently. Importantly they can help their customers improve cash flow through enhanced speed of settlement whilst remaining fully compliant with financial regulation.

Membership of Banking Circle offers core benefits for both digital payments businesses and tier two and three banks:

Digital Payments businesses bank on us to access accounts everywhere, settle payments quickly and improve customer service by:

  • Offering banking services to their clients
  • Improving cash flow through enhanced speed of settlement
  • Building client loyalty and retention through added value

Tier two and three banks bank on us to reduce transaction costs and risk while increasing their global reach to:

  • Reduce overheads through lower cost of transactions
  • Reduce administrative resource needed to identify transaction laundering and lower risk
  • Reach global markets and extend their service offering to encompass different payment types

As a member of the Banking Circle a financial institution can:

Bank on growth – one account gives rapid access to new markets worldwide

Bank on profitability – pay and receive funds from businesses at low FX rates. Automatically convert funds to any currency

Bank on speed – introduce suppliers and partners to the Banking Circle enabling everyone to pay invoices or receive money in seconds rather than days

Bank on capacity – expand transactional capabilities and attract more customers with a better value proposition

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