Smart Block Laboratory



Smart Block Laboratory

Smart Block Laboratory was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2017. Our company is the team of professionals: computer scientists, software developers and engineers, who are passionate about such cutting-edge IT-technologies as: Blockchain, IoT, BigData, Cloud computing.

Smart Block Laboratory specialises in software development and providing services in distributed storage and data validation on a hardware level, i.e. Blockchain projects. After a year of in-depth R&D, in Q2’2018 Smart Block Laboratory came up with a unique Hyperledger-based platform Rubicon Blockchain and CRYPTOENTER© service.

CRYPTOENTER© — is a service on which basis you may create a financial market place.

This market place will allow integrating different regulators, financial institutions and consumers of financial services within single platform, both on local and global levels, leveraging distributed storage and data validation technology, powered by Hyperledger Fabric. By design within CRYPTOENTER© different types of financial assets can be aggregated: both crypto-assets and fiat money.

Start of this platform will allow: regulators to have online access to data validation, financial institutions to have access to new financial instruments, exchanges and brokers to have access to liquidity, and last but not the least - end users of financial services to benefit from decreased costs for transactions.

Distributed warehouse and data validation technology, based on CRYPTOENTER©, allows performing on new level of service/user cooperation, both with each other and between user and service, and at the same time will provide access to new financial instruments for all participants of financial market. Considering overall distributed functionality within single CRYPTOENTER© platform, this new financial service simply has no analogues at the moment in the world financial market!

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