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Wibmo Inc., is India’s leader in cashless payment services providing payment security, payment cards, merchant services and mobile payments. The company has been working with banks and other partners in the payments space for over 15 years, to deliver payment services compliant with banking, card network and regulatory frameworks. An undisputed leader in payment and authentication services, Wibmo processed 750+ million transactions for over 50 leading banks in India. Wibmo also offers prepaid payment instruments in physical & virtual forms to leading banks in the country. Over ten million prepaid cards have been issued and processed by the company till date. In the mobile payments space, Wibmo offers a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive mobile payments platform that is being used by large e-Commerce banks in India. Over 12 million Wibmo mobile payment users benefit from simple and secure one-step payments, offered by the Wibmo mobile payment platform. Wibmo have offices in Cupertino, US and Bangalore, India.



Product & Services Suite


a.       Payment security & authentication

b.       Payment gateway

c.       Hosted Prepaid card platform

d.       Fraud risk monitoring solution

e.       Mobile wallet platform



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