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We believe in quality over quantity and the Money20/20 Asia experience allows you to go beyond speed dating-style interactions. Instead, we offers a platform to carve out space for genuine face-to-face engagement, allowing you to invest your time in building lasting relationships with industry leaders from across Asia and beyond.

After you gather a vault of insights from our stages on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the industry, you'll have the opportunity to leverage this knowledge within your booths and meeting spaces. This will empower you to steer conversations, enhance product awareness and cultivate connections that will serve as a foundation for partnerships that will shape the industry's future.

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"‍By participating in Money20/20, Ozow gains valuable insights into emerging trends, market dynamics, and partnership possibilities. Money20/20 offers Ozow a gateway to expand our reach, foster connections, and stay at the forefront of the fintech industry."

Kesheni Moodley

Chief Commercial Officer, Ozow

"The true value of Money20/20 for us at Paynovate is the quality of people who attend the show, from fellow companies, prospects and the media. It means you can have a packed agenda which delivers - you don’t get the downtime of many other shows. This gives us the confidence to know that our time and budget is well spent."

Benjamin Beeckmans

CCO, Paynovate

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