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Chance encounters and impactful networking opportunities have always sat at the heart of the Money20/20 experience. Our focus is to help you design innovative, fully configurable, and bespoke spaces to ensure you connect with the people that matter most.

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Here’s how Testbirds transformed their pipeline in 3 days

At our core, we understand the crucial role that partnerships play in shaping the future of the industry. That's why we take networking opportunities very seriously and have woven them into our sponsor experiences, enabling the creation of groundbreaking innovations at scale.

So we're thrilled to share how Money20/20 helped Testbirds swiftly acquire new clients.

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"Some of the most powerful conversations we have in the finance industry happen in the Money20/20 exhibition hall. It’s very rare to have pretty much all your industry clients in one room at one time. That’s one of the most impactful things at Money20/20."

Carl Fryer

Country Manager UK, Testbirds

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