Tech Platforms



Tech Platforms

Armies of tech talent and discoveries in data access are changing the game in exponential tech. Jump into an algorithm world where the big players are augmented intelligence, blockchain technology and quantum computing.

We go fullscreen on the impact of this tech on financial services. And explore technology adoption – for both efficiency boost-ups and unlocking new value sources.

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What you'll learn

Cryptocurrencies and Tokenization

  • If the cryptocurrency and blockchain hype is over, then what it’s the technology’s real value and business potential?
  • Find out what the latest tech in the area is and learn how to implement it for security, scalability and speed.
The Platform Ecology Model
The Platform Ecology Model

Disruptive Tech

  • Become fluent in emerging tech and its current and future integration into finance.
  • The development and advancement of future technologies (cloud, quantum, AI, blockchain) is interdependent, so how do you implement technology without silos in your business. Learn how it’s done and who’s doing it best.

Reaching the Unbanked

  • How do you find new customers? From SME merchants, to gig economy workers to entrepreneurs, hear about the underserved segments and untapped, lucrative markets available to you.
  • Learn the best ways to reach the underbanked in Southeast Asia’s fragmented market – from leading telcos to retailers, lenders and more.
The Platform Ecology Model
The Platform Ecology Model

Risk, Security and Fraud

  • The next financial crisis will be a security crisis, so what do you need to know to be prepared and protected? How do you use your data to reduce risk?
  • Learn how to beat cybercrime and explore the latest cybersecurity tech. You’ll get inside the mind of a hacker to understand how to protect your business.

Who is it for?

Ready to really delve into how tech is impacting financial services and what’s driving it? If you’re a new or established bank, a tech giant, retailer, payment company, card scheme, fintech, or a venture capitalist, then you can’t miss this.


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