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2018年に東京で開催するFinSum において、Money20/20 Asiaは NIKKEIと連携し、フィンテックの最新動向とイノベーションへの取組みを紹介します。 席に限りがございますの で、お早めにご登録ください。

This year, we are partnering with NIKKEI to host our roadshow event in Tokyo on Wednesday September 26th. Nikkei have exclusively invited us to host the roadshow event as part of the 2018 FIN/SUM agenda. The roadshow will showcase the latest FinTech stats and insights we are seeing develop across the thriving ecosystem in the APAC region and beyond.    


参加費:無料 (Entry: FREE)



2017年9月26日 (水曜日) 1500 - 1700

1500 - 1700 26th September 2018 (Wednesday)



東京金融ビレッジ FINE TOKYO
〒100-0004 東京都千代田区大手町一丁目9-7 大手町フィナンシャルシティ サウスタワー5F 地図

FINE TOKYO 5th Floor, South Tower, Otemachi Financial City, 1-9-7 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan MAP


【登壇者】Speakers include:

Ashwini Anburajan

Ashwini Anburajan
Founding Partner
22X Fund

Wei Li

Dr Wei Li
Founder & CEO
Qulian Technology


Bill Song
Chief Operating Officer, Director of International Business
ZhongAn International & ZhongAn Insurance

Tracey Davies

Queenie Chan
Head of North Asia
Symphony Communication Services

Hannah Redfern

Markus Gnirck 
Co-founder & CEO
tryb Group


Rebecca Martin
Content Director APAC


Tiffany Liu
Marketing Lead
Money20/20 Asia



15:00-15:15   Welcome from Money20/20

                      Tiffany Liu, Marketing Lead, Money20/20 Asia & Rebecca Martin, Content Director APAC, Money20/20

15:15-15:45   How to build and scale products within a platform ecology

                      Speakers: Bill Song, Chief Operating Officer, Director of International Business, ZhongAn International & ZhongAn Insurance
                                       Queenie Chan, General Manager, Head of North Asia, Symphony Communication Services

                      Moderated by Rebecca Martin, Content Director APAC, Money20/20

15:45-16:05   The opportunities and challenges of building enterprise-grade blockchain: a technical deepdive

                      Speakers: Dr Wei Li, Founder & CEO, Qulian Technology

16:05-16:30   Tokenising startup investments: applying the silicon valley model in South East Asia

                      Speakers: Ashwini Anburajan, Founding Partner, 22X Fund
                 Markus Gnirck, Co-founder & CEO, tryb Group

16:30-17:00   Closing from Money20/20 & Networking


【パートナー】About our partner:



NIKKEIの信頼とブランドの根底には「中正公平、わが国民生活の基礎たる経済の平和的民主的発展を期す」との社是があります。冷静かつ客観的なジャーナリズム精神を根幹に据え つつ、情報の力による新たな価値を創造し続けます。

Nikkei is a media organization with newspaper publishing at its core.

Our flagship daily newspaper, The Nikkei, has approximately three million subscribers.

Nikkei's multi-platform media distribution also includes online, broadcast and magazines.

Visit NIKKEI official website:


FIN/SUM 2018

金融庁と日本経済新聞社は、日本におけるフィンテックの現状と潜在力を世界に発信するとともに、日本をハブにしたグ ローバルなスタートアップ・エコシステムの構築を目指すイベント、フィンテック・サミット(フィンサム)を一昨年、昨年に続き東京・丸の内、大手町を舞台に開催します。

今年2018年は、昨年2017年12月に開催したレグテック・サミット(レグサム)を包含、一段と国際的な広がりと深さを持 ったイベントになります。

FIN/SUM is a summit and conference that connects the global fintech industry and promotes disruptive innovation across the globe.

It grew to be the largest and most influential fintech summit in Japan and one of the largest in Asia and globally.

This 3rd consecutive one is incorporating the second edition of REG/SUM - the regtech summit.

参加費:無料 (Entry: FREE)

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