Complacency is the enemy.

Rebels. Reformers. Revolutionaries. And sometimes, the go-getters sick of seeing the same old thing done half as well as it could be. Change-makers are at the heart of our programme. They’re agile, they’re fast, they’re doing things differently.

We won’t give you speakers or content that you can’t relate to. Big names that say nothing aren’t our thing. Actionable, Asia-focused intel is.

Discover the lessons and insights that can refine your game plans and learn from those already well on their way – ensuring your business will be a winner in this dynamic money landscape.

Our approach is grounded in four beliefs:

  1. New ideas move people more than big names
  2. People learn more from direct discussion and debate
  3. Every session should offer something you can act on
  4. Our stages must be inclusive of gender, geography and perspective

This means we might push back on an idea if we think it’s not quite at the right level. Sometimes people who have spoken often at Money20/20 might need to give way to a founder with an amazing story that you’ve never heard. In each case, we make our decisions based on what’s going to help you solve the challenges you face.

Our process:

  • Research/Programming: We talk to hundreds of industry experts every year, taking in their insights, challenges and keeping our pulse on the trends and innovations you need to know about. This forms the basis of our programming and speaker acquisition.
  • Call for Content: This is your programme – crafted by you and your peers for you and your peers. This is your opportunity to share an idea and/or nominate a speaker – and ultimately take the stage at Money20/20.
  • Speaker Acquisition: We curate speakers from our research as well as our Call for Content, inviting only the most exciting, relevant people with interesting stories to tell.
  • Event Prep: We guide you through the best topic, format and style to wow the audience and make a lasting impact.


Do you have an idea that will help your community? Do you have a burning message you believe the industry needs to hear? Do you have an inspiring story to tell of a team, product and company you’re building? If you do, we want to hear from you.

The winning speaker formula:

  • Each session should focus on a story – people resonate with stories not selling.
  • Your full resume isn’t required on-stage - your audience often care more about what you can give them and how interesting your story is; get to the meat of your session quickly.
  • Tell them something they don’t know – if they can read it in a press release, they’ll do that instead.
  • Takeaways are critical - sessions that don’t deliver intelligence, insight or inspiration that can be taken back to businesses are easily forgotten.
  • Energy and preparation – a good session is a prepared one and a prepared talk means you can focus on relating to your audience. Creating a connection is crucial to standing out from the crowd.
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