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inabit is the ultimate solution to the complex challenges faced by finance professionals in the realm of crypto operations. Currently, the crypto landscape is marred by fragmented asset management, manual processes leading to costly mistakes, a steep learning curve for accountants, and security risks associated with multiple signers in digital asset transactions. These issues have translated into costly errors and operational inefficiencies.

With inabit, we offer an exclusive self-custody wallet, featuring an innovative approach to secure private keys, ensuring that only authorized business users can access digital assets without compromising key confidentiality. Our unified dashboard provides you with complete control over your digital assets, seamlessly connecting to major exchanges and offering a centralized location to view all assets and balances, simplifying asset management.

Moreover, our policy engine empowers you with governance and control over signature rights for your digital assets, whether in our wallets or on exchanges, all underpinned by encrypted policy signatures on your mobile device for enhanced security. Inabit is your one-stop-shop, seamlessly integrating off/on-ramping, accounting and tax services, payroll, invoicing set as a bridge from traditional finance to crypto finance. We provide all the tools necessary to streamline digital asset management, saving valuable time and costs for finance teams.


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