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About Insightful Technology

Founded in 2014, Insightful Technology is one of the world’s leading software-as-a-service providers specialising in building client-defined data models to enable surveillance and analytics to meet regulatory and business needs.

The company’s powerful enterprise intelligence platform, SOTERIA™, is currently used by 10 of the top 12 tier 1 global banks and more than 180 other financial organisations to help them fulfil their regulatory requirements. SOTERIA™ is also implemented by other regulated sectors, including government, pharma and legal. Businesses around the world use SOTERIA™ to securely capture, clean, deduplicate, normalise, analyse, set alerts and store all forms of data into a customer-defined data model.

SOTERIA™ is the only solution that addresses all the business requirements for the three lines of defence using an easy-to-use customised user interface and dashboards. Working with over 160 data sources, the platform provides firms with truly holistic surveillance using machine learning, artificial intelligence and human understanding to complement case reconstruction and reporting.

As firms embrace hybrid working, the ability to virtually walk the floor has become essential to ensure compliance. To meet this challenge, we have a standalone platform-agnostic module that constantly tests the quality and integrity of any recorded environment with full common data record reconciliation.

With SOTERIA™, your data privacy, regulatory and freedom of information business requirements are automated with little or no manual intervention. Leveraging our highly secure and globally dispersed cloud infrastructure, you’re able to manage consumer and employee data with configurable web forms to capture privacy rights requests using an end-to-end automated request process. This process covers the whole data request journey, from initial intake to fulfilment, including automated data discovery and redaction of sensitive information.

SOTERIA™ allows firms to deploy the solution in the public or private cloud, hybrid or on-premises environments, to address the business requirements within certain regions and regulatory jurisdictions.

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