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About Oursky Limited

Powered by award winning software agency Oursky, FormX.ai is your solution to zero form frustrations: seamlessly bridging the gap between customers and data.

Paper trails and lost receipts are relics of a bygone era. In today's digital world, FormX.ai empowers you to transform customer interactions into effortless, data-driven experiences. Governments and leading banks already benefit from our instant document processing, streamlining data pipelines and end-user experiences, and building loyalty with every click.

Imagine customers submitting invoices or ID cards with a quick mobile pic. Pre-trained models and custom builders instantly extract data, ensuring accuracy and leaving paperwork headaches in the dust. Your team breathes a sigh of relief, responding faster and resolving issues with ease.

FormX.ai bridges the gap between paper and insights, creating a transparent picture of every customer journey. Data becomes your secret weapon, fueling smarter decisions and elevating customer experiences. Boost efficiency, empower employees, and watch your business soar.

Don't let paper mountains hold you back. Ditch the drudgery and join the digital revolution with FormX.ai. We'll handle the data, so you can focus on building remarkable customer journeys, one effortless submission at a time.

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