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About RD Technologies

RD Technologies is a FinTech company based in Hong Kong. Chaired by the former Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the current President of the Institute of Web 3.0 Hong Kong, Dr. Norman Chan, RD Technologies enables businesses across the globe, including start-ups and multinational corporations from Web 3.0, payments, and e-commerce sectors, to gain easier access to Hong Kong’s financial services. For details about RD Technologies: https://rd.group . RD Technologies has two major products and services:

RD Wallet: A licensed Stored Value Facility in Hong Kong (licence number: SVF0016), RD Wallet enables Hong Kong, overseas, and offshore businesses to open multi-currency accounts on mobile anytime, anywhere. Businesses can store money in their RD Wallet accounts; they can send and receive money from across the globe instantly using Wallet-to-Wallet transfer. Businesses can also send and receive money through multiple channels easily (e.g., Faster Payment System for HKD and CNY transfers in Hong Kong; and Telegraphic Transfer for cross-border payments in multiple currencies across the globe). For details about RD Wallet: https://rd.group/products/wallet

RD Stablecoin (HKDR): HKDR is a compliant, trusted, and transparent Hong Kong Dollar stablecoin 1:1 backed by Hong Kong dollar, with high-quality and highly liquid assets safekept in segregated custody accounts with licensed financial institutions. Details of the reserves will be available to the public through regular independent attestation reports. RD Technologies will abide stringently by the regulatory requirements for the launch of HKDR to contribute to the continuous development of Hong Kong as a global Web 3.0 and virtual assets hub. Currently, RD Technologies has reached cooperation agreements with influential Web 3.0 and payment companies across the globe to jointly explore the use of HKDR for B2B cross-border payments, real-world asset tokenization, as well as global payroll management. For details about HKDR: https://rd.group/hkdr