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Creating platforms for property valuations with Valocity Global

Every once in a while, someone uses truly clever solutions to leapfrog forward and show us how technology can truly solve real problems. That’s what Carmen Vicelich did with Valocity - a global platform that uses data for property valuations. In this MoneyPot podcast episode, she takes us through the challenge, and where she hopes her solutions will go.

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Exploring the intricacies of Thai crypto regulations with Bitkub

In the turbulent world of cryptocurrency, one company has a bold mission to provide financial inclusion at unprecedentedly low cost. Discover how Bitkub secured the first crypto exchange license in Thailand and has remained sustainably profitable. Its Founder and Group CEO Khun Topp shares insights into their unique customer acquisition strategies and unveils the company's ambitious expansion plans as Southeast Asia steps into the golden era of fintech.