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About Ubivelox

UBIVELOX presents payment technology to enhance and aim life Innovation for all.

Our vision is to bring impact to everyday lives with future-envisioning technologies and seamless payment experiences. We have been dedicated to worldwide payment, digital security, and IoT industry over 6 continents and more. Our ultimate goal continuously attempts in various fields to increase the value of our lives to be better and happier.

Our mutual values;

  • Winning People, Winning Company
  • Customer Oriented
  • Mutual Trust and Respect

Our business areas

We provide optimized solutions for fulfilling customer needs based on various OS and platforms.

  • Banking & Payment: Smart Card Module / Finished Smart Cards with Worldwide scale EMV standard and global payment network brand
  • Smart campus/nID: Enterprise ID / Smart Campus & Library ID / Government national ID
  • Secure element & USIM: USIM / Home IoT / Smart grid service / WPC Qi Authentication / Car connectivity consortium digital key
  • Special Cards: Metal Cards / Eco-Friendly Cards / Biometrics Cards and others
  • Inlay & SC Packaging: IC Chip packaging/ Smart cards packaging

Global presence

More than 140 partners and customers in smartcard business area.


Our facility uses the most technically advanced production equipment available today for smart card production and personalization. Special treatments such as optical variable printing, specialty inks and colors, laser engraving, and other attributes significantly enhance security. We deliver unique solutions to the card industry with quick lead time and reasonable cost.

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