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About Veefin

Veefin Solutions Ltd is one of the world’s leading Supply Chain Finance Technology and Digital Lending Solutions providers that offers a SaaS pricing solution to clients globally. Veefin's clients include companies from Financial Institutions, B2B Marketplaces, and Fintechs globally.

Veefin was globally the first technology partner to start an all-in-one SCF stack across all SCF products.

Veefin currently disburses over $15 billion dollars on its platform annually while averaging about $1.2 billion dollars monthly. With offices in India, Bangladesh & Dubai, the Veefin team comprises of 230+ members, along with 25+ Regional Directors who bring 20+ years of experience in the field, representing the company in regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Veefin aims to provide SCF technology to the most number of financial institutions globally and help increase access to finance globally.

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