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About Velexa

Velexa is a young and ambitious WealthTech company shortlisted among the world's Top 100 WealthTechs by Fintech Global in 2022 and 2023. The company empowers its client institutions to capitalise on the demand for modern and ubiquitous investing solutions by new-generation investors. Velexa’s B2B2X investing platform caters for various business models and offers full spectrum of functionalities ranging from brandable front-end channels for mobile and desktop, to comprehensive back-office modules, including CRM, and even post trading as a service.

While two thirds of new-generation investors want a digital one-stop-shop, less than 10% of financial institutions offer a truly integrated or embedded investing solution. This is where Velexa‘s technology steps in. Delivered as software as a service (SaaS) and fully integrated into existing client systems via APIs, the platform serves as a backbone for a comprehensive investment and trading ecosystem.

Velexa enables traditional banks, Neo banks, brokerages, and disruptive players like TelCos and big retailers to build new revenue streams and secure competitive advantage by:

  • Extending existing portfolios with new instruments. Velexa’s platform covers 700,000+ assets, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, options, futures, crypto, FX;
  • Quickly launching investing services from scratch to respond to the growing interest from first-time retail investors;
  • Digitising end-user experience and providing self-service tools to attract and retain the new generation investors through ESG investing, fractionalisation, social trading, and educational content;
  • Overcoming constraints for future growth and innovation posed by technological limitations of in-house legacy systems.

Velexa is on a mission to power financial wellbeing for everyone.

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