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About WEX

WEX is a global leader in financial technology solutions. We simplify the business of running a business with specialised solutions for Corporate Payments, Travel and Fleet.

With more than four decades of payment innovation, we offer a state-of-the-art corporate payment experience with an in-house issuer processing platform and a virtual card management system.

WEX processed over $100B in virtual payments in 2023, in 20 currencies, serving over 800K customers worldwide. WEX can issue virtual cards to customers in 38 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand with 99.999% uptime, ensuring payments are always processed reliably.

With WEX, you can streamline accounts payable processes, turn payment processing from a significant cost into a revenue generating asset. It's no wonder that WEX is the trusted partner of businesses all over the world.