The Fintech Frontier: Powering Today, Disrupting Tomorrow

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Megatrends of Asia

Asia stands as the premier destination for groundbreaking ventures and unprecedented opportunities. The overarching theme for our show, “Transforming Boundaries: Connecting, Innovating, and Expanding Asian Fintech,” captures the rapid evolution of digital finance and the pivotal role the APAC region plays. With boundaries shattered like never before, the moment to shape the future has never been greater. Money20/20 Asia’s 2024 agenda explores this transformative fintech revolution fueled by Integration, Virtualisation, and Eastward Expansion, megatrends which open up opportunities for innovation and growth across the region. Together, let's unlock the full potential of Asia's thriving fintech ecosystem.

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/ Integration: Breaking Down Barriers, Creating Opportunities

In the realm of fintech, integration is the key that unlocks new frontiers and expands horizons. At Money20/20 Asia, we will delve into the power of breaking down barriers and forging connections that transcend borders. Explore how cross-border trade and investments are unleashing untapped potential, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth across diverse economies. We also witness how technology is embedded into solutions created for the world’s most pressing ESG problems.

Discover how partnerships between fintech companies, traditional financial institutions and cross-industry collaborations drive innovation and shape the fintech landscape in Asia. From regulatory frameworks to technological advancements, discover the catalysts driving integration and learn how they empower inclusivity, enhance financial accessibility, and foster economic prosperity throughout Asia.

Companies related to the following sectors are invited to apply for speaking slots:

Sector Description
Banking and Financial Services Open banking and fintech collaborations challenge and reshape banking services, enabling cross-border transactions, and providing a seamless banking experience across markets.
Cross-Border Payments and Remittances Advancements in cross-border payment solutions reduce costs, improve speed, and enhance transparency for international money transfers.
Digital Identity and KYC Digital identity solutions and KYC processes enable secure and seamless cross-border transactions, fostering trust and preventing fraud.
Green Finance and Sustainability Fintech integrates technology in green finance initiatives, addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable investments across borders.
SME Financing and Inclusion Fintech empowers SMEs with cross-border financing and fosters financial inclusion in diverse economies.
Investments and Wealth Management Fintech platforms democratise investment opportunities, enable cross-border investments, reduce barriers to entry and offer wealth management services for all.
Government and Regulatory Initiatives Governments and regulators support fintech integration, remove friction, harmonise cross-border regulations, and encourage cross-industry collaborations for economic growth.
Cybersecurity in Fintech Critical for fostering trust, data privacy, and secure cross-border transactions, enabling safe collaboration in an interconnected financial landscape.
Embedded Finance Integration of financial services seamlessly into non-financial platforms, creating new frontiers for financial accessibility and convenience.
E-commerce and Fintech Integration Merging fintech innovation, omni-channel strategies, collaborations, and innovation.

/ Virtualisation: The Rise of Digital Finance

Digitalisation was just the beginning; virtualisation is the future of finance. Step into a world where financial products and services transcend physical limitations and exist digitally. Money20/20 Asia will take you on a captivating journey through the rise of virtual finance. Delve into the transformative power of blockchain and distributed ledgers, revolutionising the way transactions are conducted and financial data is secured. Immerse yourself in the realm of virtual banks, digital wallets, and the ever-evolving landscape of digital transactions.

Discover how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets are reshaping the concept of value, ownership, and investment in Asia and beyond, with considerations for their role in the metaverse and the possibilities enabled by Web 3.0. Explore DeFi, digital currencies, smart contracts, open finance, and the gamification of finance – all revolutionising the way we interact with money and creating exciting new opportunities in the virtual financial world. Additionally, uncover the vital role of AI and machine learning, driving financial service virtualisation, automation, personalisation, and efficiency.

Companies related to the following sectors are invited to apply for speaking slots:

Sector Description
Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers Examining the transformative power of blockchain technology in revolutionising transactions and securing financial data.
Virtual Banking and Digital Wallets World of virtual banks and digital wallets redefining traditional banking experiences, enabling seamless borderless transactions, and promoting financial inclusion
NFTs, Crypto, and Digital Assets Explore exchanges, NFTs' transformative potential, and asset management platforms, unlocking opportunities for investors, creators, and businesses in the virtual financial ecosystem.
Metaverse Virtual shared space intertwining with the real world, its current and potential impact on financial interactions, and opportunities for financial innovation
Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Rise of DeFi platforms, enabling decentralised lending, borrowing, and yield farming through blockchain/DL technology.
Digital Currencies and CBDCs Emergence of digital currencies, stablecoins and CBDCs, impacting financial systems and promoting financial inclusion.
Smart Contracts and Automated Financial Services Enabling self-executing agreements without intermediaries and automating various financial services.
Open Finance and Open APIs Advocating for open APIs and data sharing to create a more interconnected and collaborative financial ecosystem.
Gamification of Finance Enhancing engagement, education, and user experience in financial services in the virtual financial space.
AI in Fintech Transformative role in seamless integration, virtualising financial services and processes, and enhancing customer experiences, efficiency, and risk management.

/ Eastward Expansion: Asia's Fintech Frontier

The future of fintech is unfolding in Asia now, and the epicentre of this transformation lies in Southeast Asia. Money20/20 Asia invites you to explore the unparalleled potential and thriving opportunities presented by Asia's very best. Learn how innovative fintech solutions are addressing the needs of the unbanked population, opening doors to financial inclusion, and driving economic empowerment.

Hear firsthand success stories from Asia's fintech hubs, journey with the biggest and most exciting Asian fintech companies, uncover emerging trends that are reshaping industries, and gain invaluable insights into investment strategies and entry points into Asia's rapidly growing fintech markets. Discover the role of government support and initiatives in fostering fintech innovation across Asia. This show is a celebration of Asia's finest in fintech, including the industry's most promising and exciting players. Whether you are an established player or an aspiring entrepreneur, the Eastward Expansion theme will guide you on an exciting journey of discovery and growth, as we celebrate the best in Asia.

Companies related to the following sectors are invited to apply for speaking slots:

Sector Description
Fintech Landscape in Asia Exploring the flourishing fintech growth and trends across diverse markets in Asia, including success stories and innovations.
Financial Inclusion and Innovation Addressing the needs of the unbanked and underserved populations through fintech solutions, promoting economic empowerment and inclusion.
Investment Opportunities in Asia Discovering strategies and entry points for investing in Asia's rapidly growing fintech markets.
Regulatory Advancements and Collaboration Understanding the role of government support, navigating the regulatory landscape, and fostering collaboration between fintech players and traditional institutions.
Cutting-Edge Technology and Transformation Delving into quantum computing, AI, biometrics, and other innovative technologies shaping Asia's fintech landscape.
Payments and Digital Transactions Exploring advancements in payment solutions that drive secure and convenient financial interactions.
Insurtech and Microfinance Unveiling the potential of insurtech and microfinance innovations, providing coverage and financial services to underserved populations.
E-commerce and Payment Enabling seamless payments and enhancing omni-channel shopping experiences through fintech solutions.
Super Apps and Financial Services Exploring the rise of super apps that offer a wide range of financial services within a single platform.
Regtech and Compliance Streamlining compliance processes and ensuring adherence to regulations with advanced technology, and mitigating risks in transactions.

Embrace the transformative journey at Money20/20 Asia and be the catalyst for change, to create a brighter now and a remarkable next. Shape the present landscape and forge the future of fintech by sharing your invaluable insights, fostering strategic partnerships, and seizing the abundant opportunities within this dynamic ecosystem. Join us in propelling the evolution of fintech, unlocking its boundless potential for the present and beyond.