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Asia: Now + Next

Money20/20 Asia brings together industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries to delve into the ‘Now’ and ‘Next’ of fintech in Asia. Through insightful discussions, interactive sessions, and real-world case studies, we will explore how Integration, Virtualisation, and Eastward Expansion are driving transformative change in fintech across the region. Discover the latest trends, connect with key players, and gain invaluable insights to stay ahead in the dynamic world of fintech.

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In 2024, our Money20/20 Asia programme will delve into the ‘Now’ and ‘Next’ of fintech in Asia through the three conference themes:

  • Integration: Breaking Down Barriers, Creating Opportunities
  • Virtualisation: The Rise of Digital Finance
  • Eastward Expansion: Asia's Fintech Frontier

Do you have a story to tell? Call for speaker is now open. Read more to learn more about the conference themes to prepare your submission.

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2024 Speakers

Our first batch of speakers are getting ready to make their mark on the who’s-who of fintech at Money20/20 Asia in Bangkok next April!

These greatest minds are going to spill key learnings, innovative ideas, and sparks of inspiration that'll skyrocket your business straight into success.

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RiseUp at Money20/20 is an annual global program that answers the call to champion more diversity across the money ecosystem. We provide women on their journey to leadership with the network, tools and techniques needed to help them strategically advance their career and reach new heights. More details to come soon.

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